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The footage, which was recorded in the United States and leaked online, shows the transcendent man turn up at his house and slowly unlock the doorway discovering his partner and a man he calls Jason on the lounge together.

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Why do gay couples use the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife,’ rather than ‘partner’? - The Washington Post

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Dear Civilities: My wife (female) and I are supporters of gay marriage, but we are nonplussed around gay couples exploitation the word “wife” and “husband.” When same-sex couples marry, do they judge to be the “wife” as anti to the “husband? Why not just use the condition “partner” as do approximately heterosexuals? — Name withheld A: Thanks for causing in this question because it’s one I’m asked fairly frequently, with a small indefinite quantity of overplus because these monikers silent aren’t that familiar. Your inquiring seems to assume that once a same-sex couple adopts “husband” and “wife” as their favourite term, they pick one apiece. When two men experience married, there are two husbands; for women, in that location are two wives. The poorest line: Don’t ask a same-sex couple who is the “husband” or the “wife.” You’re right — I do inclination Jim my “husband” since we got hitched in August; for the record, he also calls me his “husband.” When we use that language, we’re signaling that we’re legally married — no extended sweethearts, boyfriends or the ambiguous “partners.” We’re not, however, announcing gendered aspects of our relationship, as your interrogative sentence implies.

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Why Your Wife Hates Sex and What You Can Do About It | Psychology Today

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