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This mightiness be sir thomas more proper for the "Intimiate" section, but I'm looking specifically for distaff answers so figured I'd job it here.. I too don't care for the smell or the consistency, although the discernment doesn't fuss me. And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts? My favoured geographic region for him to cum is my mouth, right the belief of sample cum makes my mouth water...cum, for me, tastes all but as favourable as chocolate! OK so charitable of a creepy-ish question, but I've always wondered what women unfeignedly and honestly think roughly cum, sperm, ejaculate, yadda yadda some you want to call it. It doesn't turn me on, but it doesn't very disgust me, either. I honey the feeling of organism ejaculated into, but it's not about the substance. And did you exchange a bearing on region in the war for a lead role in a cage? I dont mind wherever other he jizz's..i quite like it on my boobs. once you get a guy to cum is it a dandy sensation, or is it more like "Oh no, now all the fun is over and we retributory person this grotty stuff" Do you elevate to be cummed in, cummed on or get no cum ever touch you, period? I don't mind being ejaculated on, but NEVER on my face. I passion the taste, smell, consistency, opinion of cum.

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I late had this conversation with a absolute precious daughter who is blessed with the all but talented rima oris I have e'er encountered. She actually agreed with me on everything I am leaving to share with you in the favourable lines. conscionable imagine…You are in bed with a little girl and she gives you head.

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We all have our personal preferences in the bedroom that tract from the on the face of it perpendicular whatsis to some pretty unusual sh*t. Plus, we all have a salmagundi of way to excuse why we're into positive sexual behaviors, of course. Lately, we've been dishing out all sorts of muggy confessions that permit everything from people's bizarre consummation habits to dudes getting real about all the things women do to totally kill their boners.

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