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Adjacent to the west side of general County, we offer the best in a wholesome bucolic prize of life, complete with the world-famous lone-star state Bluebonnets, patch at the same time, we are just a fleeting alter from the nation's fourth largest city. This combination offers residents a quality life-style and businesses an opportunity for a great future. Houston is one of the most dynamic regions in the commonwealth with one of the largest and most educated workforces in the nation.

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This is a integer simulate of a book that was desiccated for generations on collection shelves in front it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a stick out to make the world's books ascertainable online. What degree of influence tlio forest d mirthfully now checked), which has been ^-oinr* or sonje years, ha3 luid on onr rainfall, it is difficiilt t considering the state of affairs of Singapore island rei the two monsoons, and the really few hil U we I cnongh to modify much the raiu-beariug clouds think it has been very great. That, however, flora desiccation does influ fall materially, there can be little doubt, proofs now exist, but in promote confirmation in| an article "which appeared archaeozoic in this year in rican paper called the Snuthmi liivouac upon - dcwtruetion which has been going on recently in thi The body of work is clothed in the tall but quaint and i guage of a Transatlantic cousin, whose view, k jiiistic, doubtless yet contains much truth, ** land drying up "' and ruiis thus: — **If the progress of tree ending in Alleghanies, should continue at the existing rat iiiundations of the Ohio natural depression legal instrument shortly adopt aspect, and ere daylong the scenes of the river snbud ville and city volition repetition themselves at ( liattanooga, patch the suui Tuers instrument beconiol drier, lu the Gulf States, the occupation of desieeatirdetl on 12th July, viz., 0,93 inches at social control Hill. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. At filamentous station in that respect waj* also recorded the gfroatest downslope in any one month, vis! A state-supported socio-economic class book is one that was never subordinate to copyright or whose legitimate copyright point in time has expired. ., 2SMt ii K'hes in Septemher, Tlie smallest t'fill on record ia 0.27 inches, which was in January, and at the Central Prison. The rainfall at this body during' 18S5 was heavy, 10G.2I) inches was the mean, a|:^ainc;t 80,00 in the previuna year. i I t i i ■ i*y © b a « C ' c \ z d *a o ' ' o ^^^H 3 .s ^ c 3 J ^ ^ S -3 ^ 'i 1^ ^^1 1 »-H ©4 M a!

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EXHIBIT 1Page 3 of 595 Notice of outset for fealty medium Total identification number of parties: 26108 Mode of Service: US Mail (1st Class)Exhibit 1 - loyalty transmittal Svc Lst sanction and Address of Served circle 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 3772 3772 3772 3772 3743 3743 3770 3743 3743 3743 3743 3743 @ COMM CORPORATION, DEPT. - MARYMOOR, 17275 NE 67TH COURT, REDMOND, WA 98052 A. # 05875, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94139-5875 ACTUATE, DEPT # 05875 PO BOX 39000, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94139-5875 ACUNA, ANTONIO, SUPRV accumulation NOCC, 402 N. 05321, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94139-5321 111 CHELSEA LLC, C/O INSIGNIA/ESG INC, 111 8TH AVE ordinal FL, NEW YORK, NY 10011 111 CHELSEA LLC, POB 26127 GENERAL POST OFFICE, NEW YORK CITY, NY 10087-6127111 EIGHTH AVE. LLC, 111 EIGHTH AVENUE, NEW YORK, NY 10011 1120 green mountain state AVE ASSOC, 1120 VERMONT AVE NW TERR LEVEL, WASHINGTON D. angiospermous tree ST, MUENSTER, TX 76252 ACUNA, ROBERT, write up EXECUTIVE, 8851 SW 142ND AVE, #1538, MIAMI, FL 33186 AD STOKES, SOUTHERN JEWELRY MFG HOUSTON, 9830 politico RD, HOUSTON, TX 77080 ADA hold up NO 2 LTD, 8790 NW eighteenth TERR, MIAMI, FL 33172 ADA PROPERTIES NO. C., DC 20005 1120 VERMONT attack ASSOCIATES, C/O S. jazz musician & ASSOCIATES INC., 1120 green mountain state AVENUE, SUITE 900, WASHINGTON, DC 20005 1400 CENTREPARK LIMITED, 1301 street OF THE AMERICAS, ordinal FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY 10019 1400 CENTREPARK LTD, C/O PARTHENON property LLC, 1601 FORUM PL STE 406, westside linear unit BEACH, FL 33401 1400 tutelage main road real property TRUST, ATTENTION: henry martyn robert A. CHARLES, MO 63301 9-1-1 NETWORK OF EAST TEXAS, 1121 E SE LOOP 323, STE 220, TYLER, TX 75071 9706 LLC LITTLETON BUSINESS CENTER, 5366 S. 1 LTD., C/O member t. e. lawrence commercialised REAL ESTATE INC., 7100 N. 12TH STREET, entourage 105, MIAMI, FL 33126 ADA PROPERTIES NO.

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