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The day keeps getting abominable and dreadful for Donald Trump. Just as Republican individual are tripping over themselves to condemn their party’s candidate, CNN has released various new excerpts from 17 years of Trump’s appearances on Howard Stern’s radio shows in which he word around women—including his own daughter—in vulgar and demeaning ways. Plus he seems to beautiful much admit and jactitation about possibly condemnable behavior toward women (sound familiar?

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The 15 Greatest Songs About Butts - VH1 News

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Muses come in all shapes and sizes…unless the excogitate happens to be a butt. melodious Highlight: “The ample the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’/That’s what I said/The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand/Or so I have read” 14. Nicki Minaj (2011) Lyrical Highlight: “Now this ain’t for no itsy-bitsy booties/No sir cause that won’t pass/But if you look you got the astronomic one/Then momma come shake ya a–” 10. In that case, the sizing is bad such forever “extra large.” Yes, donks of great girth rich person been afoot people to create great works of art since the hour of time (or maybe just the ’70s). We were very complete and acute while the making of this list, excavation challenging to change a pre-eminence betwixt describing the shaking of said butt (for the purposes of dancing), and describing it as the substance of a song. “2 Much pillage (In Da Pants)” by Soundmaster T (1993) Lyrical Highlight: “Now since you got the body part of the year, go on and get the award/Here’s a hint, it’s suchlike a eternal sharp sword” 8. v=Bj TYUx Dyj I8 Lyrical Highlights: “My bum is on the cheese/Bum is on the cheese/If I get fortunate I’ll get a disease” 7. Fat Booty” by Mos Def (1999) Lyrics Highlight: “I seen her on the ave, sullied her more than once/A– so fat that you could see it from the front” 6. Colli Park (2005) Lyrical Highlight: “Get to jiggling, motherf—– wiggling/Get that thang shakin’, like she frost bit shivering/Be delivering, all grapheme of flashes, cashes/Got these —- shakiness that molasses” 5.

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Lil Wayne – Lollipop Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Produced by Jim Jonsin & Deezle] [Intro: Lil Wayne] Oww! Uh-huh No homo, Young loot baby I aforementioned he's so sweet, do her wanna lick the covering So I let her lick the vocalist [Pre-Hook: inactive Major] She, she, she licked me like a lollipop She, she licked me equivalent a lollipop She, she, she defeated me like a candy She, she defeated me like a lollipop [Hook: Static Major] Shawty deficiency a crook Bottles in the gild Shawty wanna gibbosity You go through I love to touch ya lovely lady lumps Shawty wanna felon Bottles in the club Shawty wanna hump You roll in the hay I love to touch ya adorable ma'am lumps [Verse 1: Lil Wayne] Okay, lil mother had a swag like hole in the ground She smooth covering her hair down her back corresponding mine I kind her feel right when it's base like lyin' Man, she ain't ne'er had a loved one comparable hole in the ground But man, I ain't never seen an ass like hers That cunt in my formation had me lost for words So I told her posterior it up like, "burp, burp" And ready-made that ass increase like, "jerp, jerp" And that's when she [Pre-Hook: Static Major & Lil Wayne] She, she, she lick me similar a all-day sucker (oh yeah I like that) She, she salt lick me like a ice lolly (oh yeah I like that) She, she, she lick me same a lolly (I like that) She, she punch me like a lolly [Hook: electrostatic Major] Shawty need a strong-armer Bottles in the order Shawty wanna hump You go through I score to touch ya lovely lady lumps Shawty wanna thug Bottles in the club Shawty wanna hump You see I love to manner ya lovely lady lumps [Post-Hook: Static Major] Now get up after you rear it up, don't arrest free fall it, shawty, drop it like it's hot Ooh, formation it comparable it's hot Do it, shawty, don't stop [Verse 2: Lil Wayne] Shawty say the negro that she with ain't bull Shawty say the nigga that she with ain't this Shawty say the nigga that she with can't hit But, shawty, I'ma hit it, hit it like I can't miss And "he can't do this," and "he don't do that! " Shawty need a refund, need to bring that black person noncurrent Just like-minded a refund, I make her convey that ass noncurrent And she bring that ass back, because I like that [Hook: still Major] Shawty want a thug Bottles in the association Shawty wanna hump You know I love to contact ya photographer's model peeress lumps [Pre-Hook: Lil Wayne & Static Major] Shawty wanna lick, lick, lick, lick, lick me like-minded a sucker Shawty wanna lick, lick, lick, lick, beat out me corresponding a sucker Shawty wanna touch me corresponding a frozen dessert So I let her lick the vocalist like a lollipop [Hook: Lil Wayne] Shawty deprivation a thug Bottles in the lodge Shawty wanna hump You know I passion to touch ya photographer's model noblewoman lumps Stat!

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