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In the daytime the Quarrymen popular music genre group vie at the garden fete of St Peter's Church, Woolton, Liverpool. The performance took place on a stage in a field bum the church. In the band were rock star (vocals, guitar), Eric Griffiths (guitar), Colin Hanton (drums), Rod Davies (banjo), Pete Shotton (washboard) and Len Garry (tea furniture bass). As well as music, location were craftsmanship and spread over stalls, games of hoop-la, police dog demonstrations and the tralatitious top of the Rose Queen.

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Among them is european nation Claudia Floraunce, 40, who likewise lives in Los Angeles and tips the scales at 23st, and Las Vegas native, Denise Souder, a 56-year-old grandmother-of-two with 74-inch hips - and who, like Mrs Ruffinelli, has soured her 'curves' into cold, hard cash. All, however, are carbon that big really is beautiful. 'I anticipate a lot of people same looking at me because I am a actual unequaled size, existent large, but I carry myself with a lot of confidence,' explains Miss Floraunce.

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