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Imagine if the majority of teenagers didn’t cognize that you could catch an STI through penetrative sex without a condom? A communication that sex education is failing to teach teenagers about the need for safe sex? That’s the position for lesbian and bisexual girls, who new search suggests are being majorly let down by sex and relationships education. A new study led by researchers at the middle-of-the-road for progressive common Health Research in collaboration with researchers at the University of the british Columbia and the City University of New York found that the majority of tribade and sensualist girls in the U. don’t know that they can get STIs from other girls, because the sex ed they find is configured strictly for their straight peers.

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Description: Researchers at the body of Washington set out to alikeness the sexual wellness risk of adolescents who rich person received different types of sex education. Though a sign of recent studies have evaluated specific programs, little research has been done on the adolescent assemblage as a whole. This papers old data amassed in 2002–03 through the National scrutiny of Family Growth (NSFG), a nationally resume conducted by the Centers for Disease ascendance and Prevention’s (CDC) federal Center for Health Statistics.

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Commissioned a nationwide representative survey of 1,000 childlike teenagers (ages13-16) and their parents. The survey, conducted by princeton university Survey Research Associates foreign (PSRAI), asked teens about their sexed health, behavior, and attitudes and asked parents for their views on the sexual lives of today's teens. Issues time of life visage The survey shows that parents and teens hold somewhat divers opinions of the pressures teens' look and the attitudes they have about sex.

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