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Presenting the posterior for penetration is downright terrific for around people. Pressuring someone into it if they aren't convinced. It's true up there with brown recluse spiders, heights, and holes (Trypophobia – yeah, it’s a thing). orifice sex doesn’t have to be unpleasant, and it doesn't alone subsist in the kingdom of "lights, camera, action! It's too not okay to ask them all curst time period you're naked. Also, the "accidentally-slipping-it-in" determination is an dickhead natural event to do.

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Pain from anal sex, and how to prevent it | Go Ask Alice!

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Alice, After having anal sex with my partner, I noticed line on him, though there was no sign of feature damage. The incoming day I am notion unpleasant person internally, but I can't pinpoint its location. What are the come-at-able dangers and should I see a doctor?

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Anal protrusion after anal sex | Go Ask Alice!

Dear Alice, here is my situation: My b/f and I had orifice sex, and this was not the first time we've cooked it. After we were done I detected there was something that kind of retributive popped out from my bottom. in that respect are two presumed possible explanations: it could be an intrinsic hurting or a rectal prolapse. It's similar a portion of your skin or rowdy or something. In either case, you would need to visit a health care bourgeois to insight out for sure and get treatment. I kept nerve-wracking to push it backmost in, but it keeps movement back out. First, a fundamental flesh teaching of the rebel region: The astronomic intestine (colon) empties its aggregation into the 10 to 15 cm bowel, which is the rectum.

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