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Whether you've been a christlike your whole life, or conscionable gave your heart to Jesus today, the good book tells us to study his word. We've provided whatsoever great devotionals from teens, youth leaders, and pastors, to assistance you get your day-after-day dot of God's word.

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I'll tell you what I see, or am point to see, when I see the Bible. Like, if you could ask God or know what God is in truth like. The fiction of a God who created you and me as specialised creatures preceding all creation. The tale continues with a people (you and me again) who chose sin complete life with God. It produces devilish and violence and all the wicked situation you see in the world. It chains people to addictions like drugs and alcohol and doesn't let go. It rips a hole in families and leaves moms and dads single and angry and kids in the middle of a mess.

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Daily Devos | Daily Devotions for Christian Teens

Everyone who competes practices self-discipline in everything. The runners do this to get a garland of leaves that shrink up and die, but we do it to get a top that ne'er dies. I’ve e'er been in awe, and even a little envious, of those who stand out in athletics. There are those who run so fast that their legs blur. I think I’m on to their secret: The course genius doesn’t actually win the group at the track meet.

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