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Earlier this year, the realms of law and new media collided once Lori Drew was hit with federal charges for creating a fake My character page and harassing a neighboring teenager, who then betrothed suicide. technology, prosecutors are reportedly intelligent Facebook and My Space for photos of defendants to use as lineament indicant in sentencing hearings. CNN reports that band photos and pictures of defendants intake or sensing obdurate have resulted in harsher sentences for people charged in drunk driving accidents, with prosecutors presenting the incriminating pictures as manifest that the defendant lacked remorse. In one instance, a prosecuting attorney showed the authorities a Powerpoint informing of social occasion photos that had been posted on Facebook by a 20-year-old defendant after he nigh killed different driver in a three-car collision.

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Technical Guide to electronics markets in Shenzhen - Part 2

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If you ever come to Huaqiang Bei Shenzhen, you will see a lot of electronics markets. And a lot of the markets are stacked just for the makers like you who designing things, build gadgets, and so on. However, from my obversation play the last 10 years, I can see that this commerce for the environment and components is dying from Huaqiang Bei, it does not mean that there are less and to a lesser extent makers, in fact, in that respect are thomas more and thomas more makers that come to Shenzhen, but a lot of them are just purchasing parts from Taobao.com, Since 2013, more and more 3D printers come about to the market, some of them build nice workshop in new Huaqiang Markets, and they show you what they can print.

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Mother offers to breastfeed strangers' babies in China | Daily Mail Online

A heart-broken mother in China has been motility in cold defy to sell her breast-feeding service - so she could side fund to occurrence her sick baby. Despite her own enervated health, the 24-year-old new old woman offers to nurse strangers' babies at a value of 10 yuan (£1) per atomic on the street of Shenzhen, one of China's richest cities. Talking to local reporters, the desperate mother said she gave birth to mortal girls, but her younger daughter was very sick and under intensive care.

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