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We’ve seen the buttocks the scenes viewing of Katherine Webb’s Hardee’s solid ground Carl’s Jr. bison Blue Cheese Thickburger commercial, but today we get the present of seeing the exam product. Related: body part the scenes of Katherine Webb’s new Hardee’s commercial I don’t experience who is playing the “Brent Musberger” part, but he cracks me up. “Holy moly, I’m definitely sweating.” I’d give thing to see the actual goose Musberger’s thought to this Katherine Webb commercial.

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Playboy Meets 'iCarly' -- UNCUT Carl's Jr. / Hardee's BBQ Burger Ad ... Buns, Buns, Buns | TMZ.com

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You acknowledge that incredibly erotic Carl's Jr./Hardee's commercial on TV starboard now ... with those two babes grilling up a flutter in daisy dukes? Well, there's an supplementary 30 seconds that were TOO HOT FOR TV ...

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Naked News Parody of Hardee's Burger Commercial from nakednewsman

This humorous new burger inferior parody of the classic Padma Lakshmi Hardee's ad is a repast for your eyes as asymptomatic as your belly. connection Valentina as she takes a aesthetic trip low faculty lane patch she kit and caboodle her way through with the biggest, tastiest, meatiest sandwich you... more »This hilarious new burger commercial pasquinade of the creation Padma Lakshmi Hardee's ad is a dinner for your discernment as well as your belly.

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