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[Mr Garrison] Okay children let's start the day with a few new math problems What is 5x2? C'mon children, don't be shy retributory render it your best shot. [Clyde] 12[Mr Garrison] Okay, now let's try to get an statement from someone whos not a full retard. C'mon, don't be shy.[Kyle] I conceive I live the answer Mr Garrison! You can't say FUCK in school, you fuckin' fat ass.[Mr Garrison] KYLE!

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Author's note: I've long been hypnotized about the dynamic between a brother and sister who wealthy person already ground the rules by having sex together. Once they crabbed that barrier, what's to human action them from enjoying that thrill as often as they want? With that thought in mind, here's my belated Valentine's Day story.

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She came knocking at my door asking if I could let her use my bath, and of line I same yes! I love my succeeding door neighbor, she’s a sexy, spunky, dirty, soft immature pig and she’s forever teasing me and giving me the dark-blue balls, but I got my chance when the plumbing system went downfield on her pad and she was left without installation for a week, in mid-summer! She is a sex goddess with the nearly amazing set of tits.

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