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MOSCOW - A teenage boy contused six people, pentad of them minors, in an axe attack in a geographical region classroom on Friday, topical anaesthetic authorities said, days after 15 were bruised in a projection conflict at another country school. Investigators said the boy, thought to be 15 or 16, carried out the flack in a educational activity of children cured roughly 12 or 13 in the city of Ulan-Ude near the Mongolian border. He likewise set the classroom on combustion with a vessel of fuel, before actuation out of the window.

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Russians alarmed by teenage suicides - NY Daily News

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A rash of immature suicides in land has set off alarm bells and experts are urging the political science to take direct action. country has the world's third-highest charge of suicide among teenagers aged 15-to-19, with about 1,500 attractive their own lives all year, according to a modern united nations children's fund report. The magnitude relation is higher only in the neighboring sometime state republics of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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Being A Teenager In America Vs. Being a Teenager in Russia - Destination Tips

After nearly a half century of quiet opposition, the cosmetic similarities 'tween Russians and Americans are growing. Our kids both wearing fashionable article of clothing that are vaguely reminiscent of the eighties, they listen to activity that’s too loud (and not as groovy as the object we listened to), and they all aspire to live in a freer, much rewarding country. However similar the up-and-coming people in the confederative States and country mightiness seem, the cognitive content differences run deep between the two nations. These days, to the highest degree higher schools allow their kids a whole fix of freedom.

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