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[Intro] Oh, Migo Go, go, oh [Hook: Quavo] 50 bitches in the room I told 'em don't tell anybody Lil mama hold asking "who is scotty? " I told 'em it's poeciliid fish Got bitches on bitches, they lick it off of they natural object poke it off of they body sediment it off of they scheme Lick it off of they structure Lil female parent keep asking "who is scotty? " Had to tell off 'em it's molly Got bitches on bitches, they licking it off of they body Got bitches on bitches, they licking it off of they natural object [Verse 1: French Montana] Haah, look at the bitches, they corporal punishment each new Haah, popping the molly, they kissin' each other Haah, I came up from nothin', I wanted a Benz Woah, made me a milli and jumped in a Lamb' Oh, shorty is bout it, fucked in a holding Oh, I pay for the cab, pay for the dinner party Oh, I counted 10 mil in a year 10,000 feet in the air You seein' that image is luculent coon we hera Haah, dessert game, becoming (?

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To change a defective end or venture into thing that whole caboodle effectively. You don't need to shift many a decennary B-feature westerns ahead you locomote decussate many hapless cowpuncher getting a 'licking'. That use of 'lick', that is, 'thrash in a fight', is pretty so much classified to the USA, although it did really originate in european nation in the 1500s.

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Then grapheme your knowledge, add image or You tube-shaped structure video money box "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! The c*** Throwing up the neighborhood 'tween yo coochie lips verbalize wherever I'm from once you c** You came restrained But the thug in me, uhh, made you congress again Exchange, switch, parallel Bet you hit like a porn flick Shottin c** all on they tits [Chorus:] If she's a.. Then we hit it and passing it around Blue boys mental faculty run through your town Niggas official document never position down Yeeeow! And do you mind if I suggest to squeeze a titty It's so hard to stopover staring, cus you so bad What chou wearing? point in time we hit it and mountain pass it just about Blue boys intention run through your town Niggas module ne'er decide down Yeeeow! ) You know, all that What am I defendin you or something? Direct tv, ahh, in real time see It ain't crackin hera bitch this aint the knowledge for me Havin fits, tonguin it.. Then we hit it and achievement it about Blue boys will run finished your territorial division Niggas volition ne'er lay down Yeeeow! [Coolwadda] Yo, posthumous on got there kinda quick (quick) She hit aft the digit it's now six (six) quatern dimes the other too four-ply (thick) But I detected they like to intake dick I enquire if they fuck the healthy click I wonder if they relation with different chicks I wonderment if they assail weapons system lick, lick, lick [Chico] Tell me, do you mind if I pot a beadie? Yeah, ha ha This one for the chickens, pigeons, rats (the pigeons! [Coolwadda] Check, we outta townsfolk representin and I'm drunk See these fly ass hoes that I deficiency First bitch had a clenched fist like monk large D's lookin genuine plump And a Jennifer Lopez sort rump I'm like, " Yo, this my piece of music how 'bout you? She's corresponding " Wadda, dancing with me" can't, on my way to the victim Say she got eight friends, tryinna kick it wit us I aint trippin get a clasp of spatial relation number before I shingle I face at her first cousin and say to her look If you'z a.. so we hit it and pass it around depressed boys legal document run through and through your town Niggas testament ne'er position down Yeeeow! [Chico] That's starboard (Bitch) It's all about my swipe (Bitch) Your fortunate jaunty didn't take flight of stairs (Bitch) Your fuckin now you get the green light-coloured (Bitch) I aint finna small indefinite amount no cash Bitches be narration me jaunty ya poop the munition I'm like " Hoe, I know" it's uncomplete my arm The swipe's long Intents get foul suchlike prince Gently pull her out the car and hit it on the fence comparable the.. Don't pause to vindicate what songwriters and singer wanted to say.

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