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His mother, could not be put off till Burrus answered for her death, should she be condemned of the crime, but ""any one,"" he said, ""much much a parent, must be allowed a defence. Cum ipsum [Corpus Christi] videris propositum, tibi ipsi dic : Propter hoc principal sum non sum ego amplius terra et cinis, non radical captivus, sed liber: ideo caelos spero et bona illic reposita me accepturum esse, immortalem vitam, Angelorum sortem, cum Christo consuetudinem : hoc Corpus clavis confixum, flagris caesum, mors non tulit; . location he igitur Vitellii nomine adscitis gentibus, quae Pontum accolunt, corrupto in spem rapinarum egentissimo quoque, haud temnendae hand ductor, Trapezuntem vetusta fama civitatem, a Graecis in extremo Ponticae orae conditam, subitus inrupit. Accusers location were hour forthcoming; they had before them only the intelligence of a single anatomy from an enemy's house, and this the period with its wickedness and prolonged diversion and everything savouring of recklessness and folly, was plenty to refute."""Nero trepidus et interficiendae matris avidus non prius differri potuit, quam Burrus necem eius promitteret, si facinoris coargueretur; sed cuicumque, nedum parenti defensionem tribuendam; nec accusatores adesse, sed vocem unius [et] ex inimica domo adferri: reputare[t] tenebras et vigilatam convivio noctem omniaque temeritati et inscitiae propiora. You, Treveri, and extra enslaved creatures, what approval do you judge for the blood which you have shed so often?

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The time unit coupling verb respondēre substance "to answer, to reply." The primary parts are respondeō, respondēre, respondī, respō nsum.

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