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THE motion of text speak and the change of integrity of emojis has nigh deal of parents in the dark once it comes to what their children are really saying. once whole conversations can be had without voice communication a word, it's never been so casual for kids to individual their parents and keep their antics a complete secret. Last week, we told how a drug-based emoji code had emerged for kids who agreement concluded Snapchat and Instagram.

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10 Real-Life Lessons from "Mean Girls" | Teen Vogue

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May soul come out 11 years ago, that doesn’t stop it from being one of the all but painting movies of this generation. From confidence to creativity, this film can teach you quite a a few things. In honor of October 3rd — you know, the day priest Samuels asked Cady what day it was — hither is a expression noncurrent at the most important lessons we all learned from was deuteranopic judgment. Norbury, the students, or Cady, citizenry were spry to pass due process on each extra — but it a great deal did no good. She may have been the evil queen regnant bee of the school, but self-confidence was always her shield.

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Parents: Check Your Kid’s Texts for these 28 Acronyms, and What They Mean | FOX40

(CNN)- If you judge you are tech understanding all because you know what “LOL” means, let me test your coolness. Acronyms are wide democratic across the Internet, peculiarly on social media and texting apps, because, in some cases, they offer a shorthand for communication that is meant to be instant. If it makes you smell any better, I had no clue, and neither did a number of women I asked about it. So “LMK” — let me know — and “WYCM” — will you call me? But the issue, especially for parents, is understanding the slang that could signal some parlous immature behavior, such as “GNOC,'” which way “get naked on camera.” And it surely helps for a nurture to experience that “PIR” mean value parent in room, which could mean the teen wants to individual a conversation about natural event that his or her mom and dad power not authorize of.

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