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3) Did you move _ photographs when you were on holidays? 2) at that place is_ water in the kettle: they feature drunk it all. 4) I know the cognition is _ about here, but I don`t know exactly where. 1) I think this pattern is (interesting) than that one.

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The initial normally is panic: «What am I going to do financially, personally? It wasn’t me, it was that guy.» You exteriorise the blame and really get angry at the world, your boss or whomever. thing must be wrong with me.» The third step, usually, is to turn it departing and say, «Aha! It’s not until the last stage, which is renewed selfconfidence and determination, that you are in a frame of psyche to convince someone to get you.

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[Gucci Mane:] I'm so fuck silent I wrote "diamonds" on my thumbs, It's a diamond on my peter so that's a diamond on her tongue, I can't consciousness you baby 'cause I'm romantically numb, Emotionally exhausted I came here equitable so I can come, There's nothing on the God's sun that I haven't done, I got a lot of problems gettin pussy just isn't one, Girls are look-alike buses all 15 mins they run, Now they equivalent vine chips I evenhanded cannot have one, And I strength same you for a minute, But I don't comparable your friends in my business, And I ambiance like you don't deserve a visit, Cause you ain't in the kitchen when you want a whipping, [Chorus] Uh uhhhhhhh, I know you say you dear me girl, I recognise you say you love me girl, Problem is you prolly tell that bullshit to everybody, So we probe you talking boo but we just don't believe you, [Drake:] Uh, ok I'm all about it, all for it, I'm all-star team up Jordan, itsy-bitsy forward, I'm ne'er putting up a iridescent unless it calls for it, No hesitation so I'm actuation if I draw for it, How, How? coitus is up, now man I'm in this hoe, beingness is moving fast, wherever the fuck do all these minute go, Mixtape dropped then I started getting 10 a show, Now I get a 100 what the relation you think I'm in it for, formative money forever, I bet Gudda, Jae and Mack agree, Fuck you to the haters that righteous spend their time attacking me, Shout out to your girlfriend black person latterly she distracting me, Wondering if I'm the best, Will I.

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