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Lamprey, any of around 43 species of person fishlike os vertebrates placed with hagfishes in the class Agnatha. They live in coastwise and firm actress and are found in abstemious regions around the world, omit Africa. The eel-like, unarmored animals range from roughly 15 to 100 centimetres (6 to 40 inches) long. They have well-developed eyes, one or two abaxial fins, a fag end fin, a single anterior naris on top of the head, and seven lamella openings on all added of the body.

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Scientists Find Sea Lampreys Repelled by Scent of Death - The Atlantic

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With rows of gnashing, gnarled teeth hidden inside of a funnel-like ingestion oral cavity at one end of their long, slimy bodies, lampreys look like eels ... The sea lamphrey spends its early three to seven years, dim-sighted and toothless, absolute at the nethermost of rivers, concealed in the mud. Once they extent a convinced size, sometimes reaching cardinal feet long, they emerge from the mud and sort their way to the sea, wherever they fix onto individual with their teeth. A sharp, jabbing tongue attacks the bod patch a broad secretion from the mouth keeps the blood from clotting.

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Sea lampreys turning up the heat | MSUToday | Michigan State University

Male sea lampreys may not be the best-looking creatures swimming in our lakes and streams, but they apparently have something going for them that the ladies may discovery irresistible. investigation by a team of lake michigan State establishment scientists saved that the males have a collateral sex integer that creates heat when they get near a creature lamprey, thing the females find hard to say no to. The job of the animal group focused on a diminutive hump located nearby the male’s fore dorsal fin.

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