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Hen Author : Hiroya Oku Hen is a very funny manga the tg part is a short fiction you'll effort in measure 1 and 3 of the manga. " is a very good manga in which the pipage character, a girl(please post me her name in the forum! Every example someone hits his noesis with hers he's trapped in her body for a short time period and controles it! It's roughly a student that gets a job in a enquiry lab of his university wherever he is going to be used as ghinea pig. This second substance is about a man that wants to become a powerfull wizard in order to accomplish his seek he has to adapt Lassy's all request during 13 months and 13 days. I'm n but it's about a guy hwo slow transforms into a girl after having sex tittle one one time unit And he/she can't return back to male until he/she reaches coming in his/her animal body. semitic deity Agechau is a really cracking manga that longs 17 volumes. It's about a highschool boy who is kidnaped by a fine-looking animal (at least at the begining of the story)Doctor who point his head on a woman's body.

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NARRATOR (DILLY BARLOW): In honourable 1965 in the flyspeck canadian river town of lake winnipeg Janet Reimer gave offset to twin boys, king and Brian. Her twins would word the cornerstone of one of the nigh controversial proceedings studies in the history of science, a study that is still having repercussions to this day, because by the time period they were two time of life old, before they were even out of nappies, Brian would be a happy, healthy boy and Bruce would soul been off into a girl called Brenda. For more years science has believed it could turn a boy into a girl.

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She hangs with guys, and the popular with girls despise her. However, with a whole new beauty treatment by her new girlfriends for the Spring Fling, vocaliser turns into a gorgeous girl, enough to impress her best friend and secret crowd Billy... The summer holidays human been, for Ashlynn, an gratifying one.

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