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After a lifelong trip in the car, on a hot day, this girl had a lot of foodstuff and now her bag is bad full. She smokes and takes off her panties in the car, nerve-wracking to merchandise some of the force per unit area on her bladder. She is so desperate she can't hold it much longer.

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I had known of Griselda since she had joined our company two years ago, without always really speaking to her. Quite tall, slim, ash-blonde, of import legs, about thirty, she was one of the more attractive girls in our company. Last summer we had been to a class in town, and as one does, we were having a drink afterwards.

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My gas pastel was on and I was completely on E buuutt I had to pee superrrr bad!! So it was either run out of gas or pee on myself time pumping gas. Bladder magic trick Tricks I wage online (otaku-omorashi.tumblr.com/post/125399316…) 1.

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