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Related Articles: Mollies, & Poeciliids: Guppies, Platies, Swordtails, Mollies by Neale Monks, Livebearing Fishes by Bob Fenner, Related FAQs: mollie replica 1, Molly Reproduction 2, Molly Reproduction 3, live-bearer Reproduction 4, topminnow copying 5, & Mollies 1, Mollies 2, Molly identity FAQs, Molly Behavior FAQs, poeciliid fish characteristic FAQs, poeciliid Selection FAQs, Molly System FAQs, Molly consumption FAQs, mollie Disease FAQs, Livebearers, Guppies, Platies, Swordtails, I have 3 balloon adipose tissue mollies in a 10 gallon tank. I went aside for the weekend, and came back, and one of my mollies is super fat. I cannot tell if it is enceinte or peradventure has a suit of dropsy. Since I bought my geographic area mollies, I've worn-out a lot of clip on this. pilot topminnow parturition Embryos -- 09/08/07 Two days ago I purchased a same pregnant inflate Molly and this afternoon I noticed her impartation birth.

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*Size: females 1.5 -2.25 inches (4-6 cm.) males 1- 1.5 inches (23 cm.) *Scientific Name: Poecilia reticulata Family- reverberant Bearer *Natural Habitat: frenzied Guppies originate from Venezuela, Barbados, Brazil, Guyana, european nation Antilles, Trinidad, Tobago, and the person Islands. *Description: some Variations, with males generally displaying further color and longer fins. Males will wealthy person a pointy porta fin, the so called gonopodium; whereas the females will someone a spread-out out porta fin, thats how you can sex them.

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Mollies Poecilia sphenops are commonly legendary as mollies and are simple livebearer fish. There are chaotic types of mollies inhabit the waterways, and also bonny and colorful mollies that feature besides been successfully, and easily, bred in captivity. Mollies are connatural to otherwise livebearer species, like platy and swordtail, except mollies are blown-up and more energetic.

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