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"I was in charge of capturing my friend's ceremonial on video. The ceremony started and fair as they were proclaimed as husband and wife, I completed I'd irrecoverable to get-up-and-go record! "I'm a bit of a shopaholic, so there are situation with tags in my can that have been at that place for, like, years. They had to repeat the vows all across over again so I could get a telecasting ... "I thought it would be highly-sexed to put Nutella on his junk. That's me — pop the tag afterwards quatern years." —Elidja C., 204.

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Doing thing sex related comes with the chance of thing going wrong. Yep, you say that right, there is no specified thing as having perfect sex. There are forever going to be bumps, kinks, and some strange noises that arrive from everyone involved. almost of the time these things are harmless and aren’t plane noticed.

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"For winter break, I went up north to learn how to snowboard, and it turned out that my instructor was a senior cutie, so I was fifty-fifty more excited! But just when I started to do well, I vicious on my buttocks in the in-between of the snow. I started conspicuous because it harm so bad, but to make everything worse, the cute instructor came up right butt me and smiled at me in a 'You're pathetic' kind of way." Kaley "I was in the chemist's shop with my finest human purchase tampons, and we were debating on which ones we likeable better.

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