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"Dog endocrine gland Glands conceal hormones that control condition areas of your dog's body such as ticker rate, aldohexose levels and atomic number 11 levels. When in that location is a problem with too dinky or too much hormone secretion, problems occur such as Addison's Disease and Cushing's Disease. The cause of these conditions includes problems specified as a adrenal gland tumor." Adrenal gland disease in dogs can grounds many problems for your dog.

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Eye Enucleation | Eyeball Removal in Dogs & Cats | Michigan Ave Animal Hospital, Ypsialnti, Michigan

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Enucleation is as well indrawn as a last option to palliate the painfulness associated with any eye problem, specially if the eye is blind and of no use to the animal. surgical operation and sightlessness are tolerated well by dogs and cats.

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Anal sac (apocrine gland) tumors in cats and dogs.

Anal sacs are mated structures, one sac on from each one side of the anus, which are lined by more glands. These glands bring forth liquid that is expelled with all gut movement as a form of territorial marking. Anal sac tumors arise from the glands of the anal sac, and may be either benign (known as porta sac adenomas) or malign (known as anal sac adenocarcinomas).

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