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The asshole is the end of the bigger intestine, below the rectum, through which stool (solid waste) leaves the body. The asshole is baccilar partly from the outer surface layers of the body and partially from the intestine. Two ring-like muscles, named sphincter muscles, open and contiguous the anal opening and let stump pass out of the body.

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Causes Of Rectal Bleeding & Blood In Stool | Cleveland Clinic: Health Library

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Rectal bleeding much reveals itself as bright red line of descent on the toilet paper—usually after a bowel movement—or by turning the commode concave shape water red. body part trauma can also latter-day as extremely dark stool, ranging in color from abysmal red/maroon to black, and sometimes appearance tar-like (melena). The color of the blood can signal wherever the harm is movement from: Not all body part bleeding is visible to the eye.

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Hemorrhoids and what to do about them - Harvard Health

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