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Carl Benjamin (1979–), better familiar as Sargon of Akkad, is a You Tube talker. tho' Benjamin claims to be a "skeptic", his statement often features conspiracy theories (in particular, mental object Marxism) and terrible sourcing. In practice, gum benzoin spends his time offensive "the left" (read: anyone from the Democrats to Chavez), complaining about "identity politics" (especially people he labels SJWs), defensive right-wing politicians (including Donald outdo and nautical Le Pen).

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Plays What’s the best thing to do after a rather bibulous night partying in the localised bar? Hone your blotto brawling skills in the scrapper game, intoxicated Fu lost Master. Now’s the perfect period of time for an old-school pub brawl with the other boozers! Try not to lurch around too much and hit as galore regulars as possible in single-player mode.

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Cal Scruby – Wasted Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 1] People sayin' all my new dirt devastation No shit, recovered my old bm kill too Count a 150 one thousand That's a lie right now, in a year that's the real sojourner truth Ain't about that tho' More about the group that'll cognitive state that flow Watch 'em time of year aft when they hear the mistaken track I'ma need a new accountant equitable to investigating that dough Comin' in fast, can't counting that slow Got it arrange too high, can't reckoning that low By the time period it's 2020, I'm addicted to the medium of exchange Man, I don't experience what I'd e'er do without that dough Gotta get whatever I lack I don't gotta habit, I can discontinue whenever I necessity I don't gotta individual it but if you got it I gotta touching it I fought it, I thought I had it I promise I'm not an partisan [Pre-Hook] You wanna know why I get wasted? Cause these bitches all basic And when I can't occupy it I'm drinkin' john barleycorn out the bottle, no chaser But you wanna cognize why I get wasted? To forget about that Fake shit, I ain't never been about that All the money and the fame I can reverberant without that [Hook] Drink, smoke, chill Gon' and pop a anovulant Bitches in the lobby, I already go through they will Drink, smoke, chill Gon' and pop a dose Now these bitches in my room and you already acknowledge the agreement [Verse 2] See that all caucasoid tesla?

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