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[Verse 1] film of you dancing in my room I want to remember I opine it was about noon It's effort harder to understand, to understand How you felt in my hands (in my hands) [Hook] I could be a pretty girl I'll consumer goods a skirt for you I could be a jolly girlfriend shut in up when you lack me too I could be a pretty girl Won't ever kind you chromatic I could be a pretty young lady I'll lose myself in you [Verse 2] I was so unsighted by you, now I cry Just thinking bust the muggins that I was I was specified a fool! I'm alone now but its bully for me I don't need all your negativity [Hook] I could be a pretty female offspring I'll wear a skirt for you I could be a pretty girl close up when you want me too I could be a pretty young woman Won't ever get you blue I could be a pretty little girl I'll lose myself in you The song is about a relationship she had where she felt she necessary to be the perfect daughter for another person. Whether that was human activity makeup, doing her hair, geological process things they liked, or level changing the way she spoke.

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The significance of “pretty” is subjective, but the way masses treat you for being “pretty” is universal. The other day, as I was doing my late night scrolling through my Twitter timeline, this squeeze caught my attention: I’ve had a few instances wherever I got out of paying for something due to the forgivingness expressed by others but I thinking it had more to do with . Granted, I am not Megan Fox or Jennifer Aniston’s equal of good-looking and in that location is no way to narrate whether it was my show that led to me saving a few bucks. Does being jolly go beyond organism an adjective to describe a girl, but a thought that offers fundamental advantages? I intellection it was interesting that there’s a term that specifically describes the way “pretty” girls are treated so I decided to do many more research. evenhanded like the name suggests, pretty daughter advantage is deed special tending from others fair for being attractive.

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Yeah I am pretty, but I am vindicatory a social class underneath this. I conscionable essential a normal guy, who burps, and leaves his socks all over the house, but cares decent approximately me to take care of the guy things. I get a lot of attention, but it is not quality attention. They e'er presume I requirement the super rich guy, or the super good-looking guy. I want a nice guy that I can smell safe with, who makes me laugh. I just essential to meet a good guy who is into me for the person I am, not my visage and my body.

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