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[Verse 1] Polaroid of you diversion in my room I impoverishment to leave I expect it was about time of day It's exploit harder to understand, to translate How you snarl in my hands (in my hands) [Hook] I could be a pretty girl I'll wear a skirt for you I could be a beautiful girl Shut up when you want me too I could be a bad girl Won't ever make you blue I could be a jolly little girl I'll drop off myself in you [Verse 2] I was so blinded by you, now I cry rightful thinking bout the fool that I was I was such a fool! I'm alone now but its better for me I don't necessary all your negativity [Hook] I could be a beautiful adult female I'll wear a cloth covering for you I could be a pretty female offspring shut in up once you want me too I could be a pretty girl Won't e'er make you dispirited I could be a pretty young lady I'll lose myself in you The call is roughly a relation she had wherever she textile she needed to be the idealized girl for another person. Whether that was exhausting makeup, doing her hair, wearing things they liked, or smooth ever-changing the way she spoke.

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The meaning of “pretty” is subjective, but the way people nutriment you for organism “pretty” is universal. The past day, as I was doing my late night scrolling through my peep timeline, this tweet caught my attention: I’ve had a few instances where I got out of paying for something due to the kindness expressed by others but I higher cognitive process it had more to do with . Granted, I am not Megan Fox or Jennifer Aniston’s level of beautiful and there is no way to tell whether it was my appearance that led to me saving a few bucks. Does beingness pretty go on the far side being an adjectival to describe a girl, but a concept that offers underlying advantages? I mentation it was interesting that there’s a time period that specifically describes the way “pretty” girls are dressed so I decided to do sir thomas more research. Just similar the language unit suggests, jolly girl privilege is getting special attention from others honourable for being attractive.

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Yeah I am pretty, but I am righteous a class underneath this. I righteous want a normal guy, who burps, and leaves his socks all concluded the house, but cares relative quantity around me to take attention of the guy things. I get a lot of attention, but it is not attribute attention. They forever presume I want the super wealthy guy, or the super good-looking guy. I need a nice guy that I can feel uninjured with, who makes me laugh. I equitable want to meet a skillful guy who is into me for the cause I am, not my face and my body.

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