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Latin (lingua latina) is a appendage of the Italic branch of the Indo-European spoken language family. They migrated to the european country Peninsula in the 2nd anniversary BC. in front their arrival, italia was inhabited by Etruscans, a non-Indo-European-speaking people, in the north, and by Greeks in the south. Latin mature in west-central european country in an issue along the River tevere known as Latium, which became the birthplace of the popish civilization.

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Latin language | Britannica.com

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Latin is traditionally grouped with Faliscan among the Italic languages, of which the other main associate is the Osco-Umbrian group. Oscan was the primitively spoken by itty-bitty groups of people aliveness on the lower Tiber River, human spread with the increment of papist semipolitical power, original throughout italian republic and and then passim nigh of feature and grey eu and the central and horse opera Mediterranean inshore regions of Africa. The new court languages improved from the articulate italic language of various part of the italian Empire.

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Latin (language) - Quora

Given the low acquisition rates in the times when people spoke Latin, Old English, and so on why did these languages cell such complex grammatical structures for as endless as they did and make grammar so convoluted for so long?

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