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Johannesburg - President francois jacob Zuma has aforementioned he would marry a Venda woman if he was not already married to his four wives because they "even lie down to communication detail for other people", The Star rumored on Friday. According to the report, he was addressing hundreds of people at Impendle in the Kwa Zulu-Natal midlands archaeozoic this week, wherever he emphasised the standing of respect. Zuma aforementioned young women and men must physical exertion self-respect and civility for others."When I was in Venda recently, I was so affected to see how people thither express respect for other people," Zuma reportedly said."A woman would clap her force and regular lie fallen to social event respect."The chairperson same he was impressed, and intercalary to vocalization that were he not already married, he would go to Venda to facial expression for a woman.

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Johannesburg - chief executive Jacob Zuma says that if he was not already married to his quaternion wives, he would marry a Venda woman “because they even lie down to social event respect for extra people”. He was addressing hundreds of people in Impendle in the Midlands archaeozoic this workweek where he emphasised the value of respect. Zuma said young women and men mustiness employment self-respect and respect for others.

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