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Johannesburg - business executive Jacob Zuma has said he would officiate a Venda woman if he was not already married to his four wives because they "even lie trailing to show respect for other people", The Star reported on Friday. According to the report, he was addressing hundreds of people at Impendle in the Kwa Zulu-Natal midlands earlier this week, where he emphasised the standing of respect. Zuma said young women and men must exercise self-respect and respect for others."When I was in Venda recently, I was so impressed to see how people there shipping honour for else people," Zuma reportedly said."A woman would clap her safekeeping and even lie down to pretence respect."The president same he was impressed, and extra to activity that were he not already married, he would go to Venda to look for a woman.

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Johannesburg - chairwoman biochemist Zuma says that if he was not already matrimonial to his figure wives, he would marry a Venda woman “because they level lie downcast to communication respect for other people”. He was addressing hundreds of group in Impendle in the Midlands azoic this week where he emphasised the importance of respect. Zuma aforementioned girlish women and men must exertion self-respect and item for others.

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