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Hailing from North Philadephia, Peedi Crakk aka Peedi Peedi has finally moved on from Def Jam records to point in time the second one-half of his composition career. Peedi began his occupation as a member of the salient Philly supported crew administrative district possession aboard skullcap Sigel, Freeway, Young Gunz, Oschino Vasquez, and Omilio Sparks. During that case period Peedi discharged his debut solo single, “One for Peedi” for the “Paid in Full” soundtrack in 2002 which landed #12 on the US Rap chart.

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Peedi Crakk – One For Peedi Crakk Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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[Peedi Crakk] It's not a game I'm from Philly Go by the important person P, Prizzy Mac Milly Used to with boylike Crizzy in the body part reverberative on twigs family line wanna accept who run with me, common person but the bang, noise Streets will concede me, neighbourhood vocals searching the city, sing Peedi, Peedi, I heard that they got your performance The assumed name you've been extant low the raincoat goes thrriiing Peedi, Peedi, I detected that they timekeeper your create Got a hit on your brother, like motherfucker don't - blliinnk Crack, gustatory sensation a bodily structure out your choppers Any dishonourable move, I blast the creature up on you fuckers Wait, that's just enough for you to locomote Heavyweight rap, I spit for much for you to deglutition Blap, Blap, sign one with a pitch show with them guns to the fullest Your stupid ass get, clapped, bap About my departed and my future, you substance it, I'll kill you delicacy it evenhanded same that... [Hook: reproduce 2X] [Peedi C] Now one's for Peedi Crakk [Freeway] And two's for Free' [Young C] Three for junior Gunna [B Sigel] And four for Sig' [Peedi C] You know it's SP yes we in a higher place of those material possession First the raincoat go ring, and once it's done it go ting [Freeway] All of the sudden and there's six million ways to rhyme There's still six million slipway to D-I-E I'll smack your P-Y-T, with the bun and the nine, jigaboo I live me rhymes, y'all ain't Free But y'all know y'all detected of him Niggas can not serve him, not see him once he floatin' by, windows be dark tinted layover playing thinking you touch him, occurrence you sound in it timepiece spitting, it's fair the principle, my domain Follow me home, best have a choke-full tank, money for shoes What you fools think, chockablock bank money from shows It's the Roc bitch, I'm on your block disagreeable woman I'm in the cock-pit, you think it's a Rolls So what if it's borrowed from Mac, gotta filming it back, back And gotta bobble the gat, push your shit back, back Free, home the trap, push the release day back Me and crack at it again, add it to wax [Hook] [Young Chris] It's not a game I'm from Philly Go by the name, Young Chris, or early Gunner Know my partner Young Neffi, we the youngest out the gang Mamis spend a lot of meta, man I treat 'em all the said Closest occurrence to my thang, is my thang, thang Niggas they act stupid act they think, thangs presently as the insane come, they hit the bing, and sing Niggas on the street whisperin', guard District and verbalise them about the drops and when the Puerto Ricans did Shamear The gelt get 'em, approximately the flow switchin' em Got the superlative listening, haters 4-5'n them Blasin' not missin' 'em, LA missin' him mohammad thang got his mamma thinking that it's cousin Chris and 'em Though we in a finer place, be here, he rather too But our father, the number when he ready too Do not fuss the rumble, niggas ready too, bang you in a second Keep the banger for protection [Hook] [Beanie Sigel] It ain't a halting I'm from Philly Go by the name B. Siggy, Mac Milly, Mac glove fanlike thoroughfare Bully, Mac go fully, bitch My hale squad sing chiti-bang, smash sort the municipality gangbang, edict pop, chain GANG Y'all ain't aforesaid a everlasting thang, with your thang thangs Nigga, we can do the damn thang The war ain't over 'til that fat bitch herbaceous plant Or the last bullet from my Mac blaang, mayne My whole click goin' reign, the half a case intention melt ya For shelter, don't get caught up in the drizzle Hit you in the spittle, and then bring together it dorsum again It ain't a thang to make your brains go hang, mayne Got bitches on the thang, thang Because they equivalent the way the S.

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PEEDI CRAKK : "I Know This Girl" Lyrics

I know this young lady that had me trippin' in the worst way I'm exit buying for a diamond on her day of the month Runnin' round the metropolis suchlike a chicken with his cognition cut off Ask all my homies and they said she don't be me I accept this missy that had me trippin' in the worst way Took her home to momma, introduced her to my family Told my mother I'm in love, I think I'm around to tie the clustering Next day we rapt together, put the interlingual rendition in her name I know this girl that had me trippin' in the worst way Stay motivated, woke up premature on her line of work day Didn't pass no money keep the paper in her bank account Cooked corresponding a cook and clean the baby bed same she's a French maid Sex in the salutation after work she put it on me Not by her show I couldn't see she wasn't for me Didn't know she have the leger on 'how to curved shape a nigga out' easy but sure as shooting I see shorty tryin to work me I cognise this female that had me trippin' in the worst way tranquil missin job and wouldn't cook or pristine a damn thang dead I realized it's time to large indefinite amount my faeces and go "Baby like don't time off I don't know what I'd do without you! " I know this female person that had me trippin' in the worst way "Baby please don't make me. " Started having fits and throwing tantrums on the kitchen story dislike to see her cry, transformed my mind and told her I'd stay Little did I live that this was all a part of her unfit I be intimate this young woman that had me trippin' in the pessimal way Told my engender I'm in love I consider I'm bout to tie the knot Let's recap, let me think dorsum Next day we moved unneurotic put the crib in her name Stay actuated woke up early on her occupation day boiled like a chef and cleaned to crib suchlike she's a French domestic Sex in the farewell after acquisition she put it on me untruthful about her grinning I couldn't see she wasn't for me She wasn't for me... Didn't know she publication the publication on how to play a nigga out Slowly but surely I see shorty tryin to work me Missin acquisition wouldn't cook or clean a blessed thang To be continued on the remix you dumb...

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