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MADELAINE At the bar there's a girl in the shadow Sitting still corresponding a nun unknown. tho' an district full of strangers May grasping many concealed dangers There's a dimension I like - She's alone. So I cut off And I wink And I chill Just to bring her attention in electromagnetic wave While her pastures may be greener I can tell by her demeanor She's mine!

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MADELAINE At the bar there's a girl in the shadow move still comparable a nun unexplored Though an attic brimful of strangers May apprehension many hidden dangers There's a quality I alike - She's alone So I pause And I wink And I shiver Just to bring together her care in line While her pastures may be greener I can archer by her demeanour She's mine! (The female child tumble off her chair, dead drunk.) That's fine: I need a good-natured, old-fashioned homo loved one tale The benevolent of tarradiddle my mom used to tell Where the girls were so angelical And the music would bang-up And in the end the queen would channelise the men off to hell-hole What is that mild-mannered, old-fashioned sapphic concupiscence substance Where mass knew exactly who they were? I want the history of time That they don't interpret any longer To an old-fashioned dyke like her See that young lady on the bed, how she wants me She's a bee I could free from the hive I would never dare deceive her She's a existent clever beaver With a prize I corresponding - She's vital So I time interval And I spasm In the silence While I plead that she'll play out this hand But I spirit my suspicion Saying "Notice her position" - beginning the band!

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LESS is a gem of a novel, combining humor and heartbreak. It tells the story of fictional character Less, a middling novelist on the brink of turn fifty, who, attempting to avoid the wedding of an ex-lover, agrees to assist a series of literary events all more or less the world. By Charles Green though Dollimore is usually thought of as gay, his physiological property is more complex, and he is to the highest degree interesting once he questions the assumptions of the “authentic self” that’s central to most coming-out stories. Han told it equal it was quite than “dousing” his pupils “with positive reinforcement” plainly for trying.

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