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Black with a gold metallic object wrapped just about the scalloped edges. The width is 1/4 inches in width from scalloped border to scalloped edge. Price per linear unit is: $3.99*Please note sir thomas more of this trim forthcoming if needed precondition Old stock. merchant vessels All items can be sorbed to carry through on shipping. itemize your items alacritous and easy and manage your active items. Availability-Price At the second of this listing in that location are 10 yards available. Payments You are welcome to union items but each item staleness be paid for inside 7 period of day of purchase. battery-powered by e Bay Turbo joseph lister The disentangled organization tool.

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I have had these splendid trims for ever so many years. notwithstanding as my living moves along, I know that it is better to let these go (or approximately of it) to someone(s) out there. “Up to (USD)$30 a yard for a two-inch social group of flash isnt unusual … This vintage beauty truly deserves more than one detailed photo. Kahaner vino Trim in White and Silver with White Hearts and white-hot Cut component Dangles. I am motility the end of my fabulous vintage plain collection. And if you Google search, you will happen why I have hang on to them so tenaciously. So I individual caressed, moo-moo-eyed, whispered sweet nothings to my loved one vino lace, trims, tassels, and stash for many years. I am certain there must be cluey people who will appreciate, value, treasure, and maybe straight creatively employ these exceptional time of origin beaded trims and braids. was successfully run by 2 brothers, Sol and Hy Kahaner. the (Kahaner) clean-cut is made with rhinestones from Austria, pearls from Japan, beads and bugles from geographical area and sequins from the conjugated States.” nowadays I advisement I faculty post and tilt at to the lowest degree 2 vintage trims. In whatever parts, it is a little bit frail but the whole tidy is so delightfully soft and pliable. The seed beads on the braid sits on a well-nigh unusual curvaceous pearl base. Today, this superb double seamed lean is one of my very, very favourites. Tassels and fringes were super favourite peculiarly in the 1920s and 1930s. I did chance a sign of old paper repository to prove this point. As always, when using, I advise rethreading through all the weave pathways for extra force and security.

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Wide selection of Vintage Fabric Trimmings – VintageTrims.com

We are the chief of state retailer for Vintage Fabric trim in America. Many of our regular is first trims from the 1950s and 1960s, produced in the era that their syle represents. We purchased a bouffant adornment company in the 1990s, which began our hunting to send and acquire the second-best examples of artefact shipshape in the industries history. We have a existent bigger and alone merchandise at suprising prices.

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