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The epithelial duct is lined with very half-hardy and highly sensitive skin and fitting ahead entering the bladder, passes untwisted done the ductless gland gland. So the act of inserting a catheter or dependable into the urethra, when performed lightly and with great care, is sure-footed of producing the most intense and pleasurable of sensations. At a base level, we wealthy person found another defect to fuck!

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Ponyplay Veterinary Play: Catheterization

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This article is on urinary catheterization whereby the pony's vet intention insert a tube up the pony's epithelial duct until it reaches the (urinary) bladder. Catheter play can be really fun if done safely and in a sterilized manner, but you do motivation to be careful than even if performed properly, location are risks of infection and damage to the lining of the urethra. This type of duct dramatic work is veterinary/medically oriented play and differs from the electrified epithelial duct rods/inserts utilised in whatsoever types of ponyplay training.

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