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Martin theologizer was 8 old age old when Christopher Columbus set travel from Europe and landed in the hesperian Hemisphere. theologist was a newborn monk and clergyman when Michaelangelo was painting the Sistine place of worship in Rome... Assignment completes crusade for all people, including those ordained in another Lutheran church or christianly tradition, moving them toward first tendency and admittance to the appropriate roster in the ELCA...

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"GOD HATES FAGS" -- though elliptical -- is a intense system statement, which the world needs to hear more than it needs oxygen, water and bread. the infinite sovereignty of "GOD" in all matters whatsoever (e.g., prophet , Isaiah 45:7, prophet 3:6, book of proverbs 16:4, book , book -24, Romans -36, etc.), 2. bully to be a castrate if the will of God be so, and brand predestinate of Heaven. the school of thought of reprobation or God's "HATE" involving eternal retribution or the everlasting punishment of well-nigh of mankind in nether region forever and a day (e.g., Leviticus ,23, sacred writing 5:5, sing 11:5, prophet 1:1-3, romans -13, levi ,23, bathroom -40, 1 Peter 2:8, st. jude 4, brainstorm 13:8, , , etc.), and 3. the sure thing that all unashamed sodomites (under the elegant figure of speech of "FAGS" as the contraction of faggots, fueling the fires of God's wrath) will inevitably go to mythical place (e.g., Romans -32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:8-11, Jude 7, etc.).

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