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Oprah Winfrey -- who built a billion-dollar eating apple persuading everyone from celebs to common Joes to break the truth about themselves -- is a big phony once it comes to her own past, an sudden new book charges. Winfrey's kinship with longtime "love" Stedman Graham, her reputed dirt-poor upbringing in farming Mississippi, her rumored greek crushes on women specified as Diane Sawyer -- all are stories she has manipulated for decades in the name of sensational ratings, reported to writer kitty-cat Kelley's stylish unaccredited life "Oprah." The much-anticipated record book details how: * Winfrey concocted stories about sexual revilement she suffered as a kid -- and grossly immoderate the financial condition she was brought up in. * She went to great lengths to hold back her "lesbian affairs" -- including respectable payoffs -- and publicly attached herself to Graham to happen more native to her opportunity of housewives.

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Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey's Fierce Bond: How Their 40-Year Friendship Has Outlasted Every Rumor, Spat and Scandal | E! News

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As we uphold to find out that certain group we once looked at with reverence (or at least without disgust) are not what they seemed, and that others we never thought much of are flatbottom worse, it's decent to have friends you can ever count on, people you truly know—people you can share your intellection process with, you've patterned out what's right and what's wrong, once you need to expression a a million strangers and say the right thing. And this week especially, we're glad that Gayle King has Oprah Winfrey. piece Oprah's no-last-name-needed status as a dominant physical phenomenon in diversion and on the far side is unparalleled, the one and the same mention of her also has the power to imply a atmosphere of steadiness and calm amid chaos. ' I am not OK."A radiate of condition from Gayle on such an brachydactylic word of farewell as she was confessedly "reeling" from the disturbing story about Rose. Right up there with King's children, Winfrey is family, and has been since the ladies met in 1976 while both were practical at a port TV station.

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Oprah Winfrey News, Pictures, and Videos | TMZ.com

Oprah Winfrey was nuclear physicist Orpah Gail Winfrey in Kosciusko, Mississippi, to Vernita Lee, a former maid, and Vernon Winfrey, a char miner, barber, and administrative division councilman. piece Winfrey has been cited as the richest African solid ground of the 20th century, she does not arrive from a rich, or even in-between class, family. She was foaled in an economically care-laden neighborhood and inflated by a single-teenaged mother in the municipality of Milwaukee.

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