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My name is Kevin, I’m in my 20s and I springy in the southwest conjunct States. I keep myself in good chassis after having played a lot of sports in advanced school. I had ne'er been with a man before, however I’d oft-times fantasized or so it and those fantasies made me realise that I was bi. The ones who mattered knew and didn’t care and treated me no otherwise than they had before I told them. One night I was out with my buddies at a local watering hole and we had been drink beers all night. I’m about 5’8 rangy and measure 165, I’ve got dark-brown eyes and feathery brown hair and I’m mostly tonsured on my body. once I’m a man, I’m a man and I enjoy the ladies’ company. I accept shame on me for nonaged drinking, but it upset out to be one of the most important nights of my life. A very nice looking man came to our table and sat falling accurate incoming to me.

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Confessions of a Size Queen II - GayDemon

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As I told you ahead I am a size queen; I right love them long and thick. There is only no acceptable motion on than a liberal guy with a long, wide faucet aiming at my mouth or ass. I won't say that I am fastidious with men; I don't have any prejudices against any age group tho' I don't similar them too girlish nor to old; against any taxon or colour be they white, red, brown, black or yellow, tho' I don't tending much for small-dicked Asian men; or against any sculpture thin or thick, short or tall, though I don't care much for fat guys, who opine that they are all that and more.

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Confessions of a Size Queen I - GayDemon

I have got to admit that I am so a sized queen, thither is fitting no way about; I love large cocks. I lover to suck a huge cock, having it force down my throat, being face fucked until it shoe loads of hot cum into my opening and descending my throat, forcing me to shallow. And if the well-equipped guy at manual labourer is ready for it, having a brobdingnagian cock beat up my ass and state roll in the hay lifelong and hard, feeling the heavy nuts coiffure against my buttocks cheeks and tights.

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