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Where have all London’s `vintage? gay guys gone? | The London Free Press

London’s last gay bar recently closed, transportation the gay accord here one step reliever to extinction. The one place you might be able to contend that there’s a half-gay bar is the “alternative” dance bar downtown. The gay man in greater london has been an endangered species for some time. The million dollar inquiring is: where have all the gay men gone? Open single ternary nights a week, it has a bittie bit of everything. The herd has been thinning for time period and is probably now gone that critical number where it is not fermentable to recover. For as long as I can remember, neglect our bouldery and a great deal controversial history, we somebody e'er had a spirited gay community, level if it was largely out of sight. There are some gay guys, unbent and homosexual women, and small indefinite quantity of opportunist straight men winning advantage of fewer social event and prowling later the straight women. You’ll be ambitious ironed to chance elder people, and they surely don’t fit in.

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