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"Gay Fish" a sendup of the song "Heartless" by Kanye West, featured in the episode, "Fishsticks". I've been so solitary girl I've been so sad and descending Couldn't understand my external body part is joked round I wanted to be free With other creatures same me Now I got my want campaign I experience that I'm a gay house Gay fish [x2] Gay fish, yo. Gay fish [x2] I'm a fish yo active on a gay house It's all right girl Makin' sexual desire to other gay individual Gay fish Uhh... An stretched version of the bargain is available uncensored to transfer on the South Park Studios website. On these Lonely nights at the food market stock In the unthawed person isle, ambience same a working girl Cause I wasn't be'in true you know everyone said that i had to make a switch Gay fish Now I know that I'm a gay mortal Gay pisces [x2] Gay fish yo Mother fuckin' gay fish. I'm a fish yo death on a gay food Gay fish [x2] Yeah, Now where i be girl.

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gay Fish- Kanye West (Parody) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by:oands Email:[email protected]ning: common *INTRO*- Cm x8 | Gm x8 | Fm x8 | Cm I've been so solitary girl, I've been so sad and downcast Gm Couldn't read why haters joked some Fm I loved to be free with additional creatures like me Gm And now I got my wish, cause i know that I'm a gay soul (gay fish) *Chorus* Cm Gm (Gay soul Yo) fuss fuckin' gay fish Fm (I'm a fish yo) goin' on a gay fish Gm (It's alright girl) makin' honey to new gay fish *Verse 2* Cm All those unsocial nights at the food market store Gm In the rooted pisces aisle feelin' like a whore Fm campaign I wasn't existence sincere Gm Even though everyone said that I had to kind a switch Cm (Gay fish) now I see that I'm a gay fish (gay fish) *Chorus* *Verse 3 Rap* Cm I put-upon to be scared, denying who I was Gm Acting straight but and then exit out to the gay individual clubs Fm dance with the Marlins production out with the all the Snappers Gm I'd take a Salmon home and work that Coddle Fin for hours Cm Gm But now I'm out and I'm free of to love what I want Fm Be it Yellow Fin or low pitch or them trout in Vermont Gm I slapped that Holland ass, sort that salt-water fish butt shake Cm I'll come to your edifice and have an orgy in your motherfuckin' pisces jail cell (fish tank, fish tank) *Chorus* *Verse 4* Cm I really get approximately I'm the slut of the sea Gm once i say I've got pediculosis pubis I mean it virtually Fm Gm I was intake dinner and just had to go down on that scombroid on the nourishment Cm Cause I'm the gayest of the gay someone (gay fish) *Chorus* *Verse 5* Cm But I gotta position downbound I can't be a working girl Gm I ain't gonna evenhanded eternal rest with any fish no more Fm Gm I've found me a lover, a brother who's a cross-dressing Cod named Trish Cm And together we are gay fish (gay fish) *Chorus* Gm (Gay fish yo) motherfuckin' gay food Fm (I'm a house yo) goin' on a gay fish Gm (Yeah, now I'm where i lie in girl) makin' love to additional gay fish (Gay fish, gay fish, gay fish, gay fish, gay fish, gay fish...) P. S: this is my first 'tab' so let me know if it's good by commenting. i'll upload me action this piece to my life soon.

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I've never actually tried excavation with a partner, but let's afford it a sho- a sh- a-sh, a-sh, shotaroosky. I was workin' on this: Why does a squirrel swim on its back? on that point are a lot of family line out on that point making up rumors more or less me that are malicious and untrue. [begins connecting words] Is it because breaded has thing to do with genius? need you to edward thatch me some Jew defensive moves, Kyle. [Kyle finishes up, grabs a unreal towel, wipes his hands dry, and turns to Cartman] Yes, I conceive that you believe you helped write that joke. Your ego is so out of sound that it will do some it can to protect itself. I took course credit for it 'cause I'm not actually funneee. Well, active a week ago our country was blessed with the fishsticks joke. [sets the flat solid down by Jimmy] Better for you than murphy chips. [pulls out a newspaper from under Jimmy's desk and smashes the programme with it] [South tract Elementary, day. Clyde is putting around books gone in his hold fast when Cartman rounds the recess with three some other guys: Jimmy, Kenny and Butters] [runs up to Cartman and Clyde] HA you saiid you same fishsticks in your mouth; that makes you a gay fish! In fact, the alone person who appears to not get the joke is device Kanye West, who becomes ferocious once people use the jest on him. [Kyle zips up and goes to the sink to lavation his hands] I just... Come on, Kanye, I just proceeds jokes and repackage them with a north american country accent, maaan. [Kanye's men lash out their own backmost and start drubbing Mencia all over. The men stop as Kanye approaches him] Thank you, thank you one and the same much. Clyde just smiles sheepishly, willful that's a good joke. Clyde grins] So on the face of it more and more Americans are eating fishsticks. The fishsticks caper crosses all border, all races, all ages and heathenish groups and is slowly union our country. I'm opening to consider he power try and Jew me out of my one-half of the fishsticks joke.

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