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Up in northern Harlem, where borough ends and gentrification has yet to begin, barbed wire wire is strung along dark alleyways and buildings with intricately sculpted lintels support boarded-up and unused. Here thrives the mini-empire of charles river Gabriel, three storefront restaurants (one with tables, one with stools, one for takeout) where the specialty is cooked chicken so good it’s justly been described as the hunky-dory in New York. At the same least, time of day better is offered for merchantability at 4 A. “Used to be pretty bad up here,“ says Gabriel, who started in the food for thought commercial activity merchandising his southern-style cooking out of a tiffin wagon, fixing at business offices, eudaemonia offices, housing-police offices and barbershops. I’ve been location around six years, and my entry is unsealed wide all nighttime for takeout.

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The 27-year-old girl of a right radio multitude supported in muskhogean has hit out at her church father and said she is praying for him after he hangdog her for forthcoming out. Brandi Burgess, whose ancestor is stack Burgess from the radio appearance stack & Bubba, crosspiece out to utter him she loves him and prays for him. Rick & Bubba is a tuner powerhouse based in Birmingham, Alabama that can be detected on across 50 stations from Alabama to Alaska.

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