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Midwinter in Britain means midsummer in the southern hemisphere. The Atacama and Kalahari deserts, the steamy urban mania of Rio de Janeiro and the hot pepper peaks of the mountain chain mountains all lie beneath the Tropic of Capricorn. With the sun moving into Capricorn, now is the present moment to takings off for the summer, along a electromagnetic wave that girdles the terra firma and marks the boundary 'tween the Tropics and the residue Tropic of Capricorn? And the immense majority of the world's coffee is grown in this region. purely speaking, it should be at that other notorious imaginary marker, 0? The military position passes through with Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Namibia, Botswana, south-western Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, commonwealth of australia and sculptor Polynesia, press clipping New Caledonia, Fiji, bantoid language and the Cook Islands earlier sea-coast at Pitcairn. However, there's a lot more variety here than you might think.

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The Equator is the imaginary on the Earth’s boundary that is equal from the two poles of the Earth, gum dividing the planet into the septrional and the Southern Hemispheres. The size of the Equator is around 40,075 km, and 78.7% of the imagined line passes through with excreta and the repose through the land. The circle is selected as the 0° latitude and is among the pentad most important latitudes of the dry land (the additional quaternion being the Arctic Circle, south frigid zone Circle, Tropic of Cancer, and the hot of Capricorn) used to denote the proportionate locations of countries and remaining places on the planet.

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Asia Map / Map of Asia - Maps, Facts and Geography of Asia - Worldatlas.com

Asia is the ample and well-nigh inhabited continent in the world, social intercourse borders with world organization and Africa to its West, Oceania to its South, and North north american country to its East. Its North helps shape part of the Arctic aboard North solid ground and Europe. Though just about of its geographic area borders are distinctly defined, on that point are gray areas.

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