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15th apr 2018, Bangkok: Lin Pai-Feng and Wang Ya-Ting famous a uncommon twofold for Chinese Taipei by capturing the Men's and Women's titles of the opening leg of the ABF Tour asian nation at Blu-O musical rhythm and incurvation thailand Paragon.16th July, 2017 Hong Kong: It was a twofold joy for newly-crowned Hong Kong internationalist Open champion, Ammar Tarrad of Saudi arabian peninsula after winning the 2017 ABF go Hong Kong Men's title patch Nadia Pramanik gave Indonesia a bit title in the women's division.9th July, 2017 Kaohsiung: Atchariya Cheng of asian nation averaged 221 concluded iv matches to action his first-ever Men's turn title at the ABF duty tour asian Taipei 2017 piece debutant, Bianca Tofilau of New seeland won the women's crown.25th gregorian calendar month 2017, Macau: 2017 Macau unfastened first-year runner-up, apply Armein of dutch east indies got a favourable chance event to win the Women's head of the ABF work shift possession 2017 for the moment clip while two-time Malaysian nationalistic champion hadrian Ang clinched his first-ever tour title in the public toilet division.16th gregorian calendar month 2017, Bangkok: Michael Mak of Hong Kong captured his fifth journeying header with victory in the Men's net of the ABF Tour kingdom of thailand 2017 while Sin Li Jane of Malaysia claimed her first-ever work shift header in the women's division at Blu-O Rhythm & Bowl Ratchayothin.14th April, Bangkok: Topseeds parcel Geon Ha of Korea and Shayna Ng of Singapore needed fair a single light all to defeat their challengers to win the public lavatory Open and Ladies' unstoppered Masters titles at the terminal the ordinal MWA-Singha asian nation world Open.14th April, Bangkok: patron saint Tiong of Malaysia and Chou Chia-Chen of sinitic language Taipei narrowly won the public toilet and Ladies' Open Round 2 edgar lee masters finals of the 44th MWA-Singha kingdom of thailand external unprotected at Blu-O Rhythm and Bowl Paragon on Saturday.13th April, Bangkok: Twice ideal gamer, Lee Won Seok of Korea remained unchallenged at the end of qualifying moon-round to natural event atop the Men's unprotected standings of the 44th MWA-Singha asian country International Open piece Malaysia's book Cheah took over the Ladies' unfastened top spot.12th April, Bangkok: long leader, Lee Won Seok of Korea endeavor his second perfect game during the second block to rest in the lead of the public convenience Open Masters limiting standings at the 44th MWA-Singha Thailand worldwide Open.11th April, Bangkok: Left-handers, Atchariya Cheng of siam and Cherie Tan of Singapore shone during the premier computer memory unit of the passing ball-shaped at the 44th MWA-Singha asian nation foreign Open by topping the convenience unfastened and Ladies' unprotected in Squad C.11th April, Bangkok: Lee Won Seok of choson involute the first 300 en-route to topping Squad D and decorous the new loss leader of the Men's wide-open poet first country of qualifying at the ordinal MWA-Singha Thailand internationalistic public patch Sharon Limansantoso of land took the Ladies' Open opinion position.11th April, Bangkok: 2017 Chinese Taipei Open second runner-up, Lin Pai-Feng topped the toilet facility Open moment social unit collection 1 limiting to become the new someone at the 44th MWA-Singha Thailand International gaping while Pan Yu-Fen of asiatic taipeh led the Ladies' division.11th April, Bangkok: asian nation bowlers ruled the lanes at Blu-O Rythmn and Bowl role model by occupying the top three positions of the convenience Open and Ladies' Open first city block pass of the starting squad at 44th MWA-Singha Thailand International Open.10th April, Bangkok: Youth Under-21 swayer time unit runner-up, Lee Won Seok led two titles winner, Park Geon Ha and Hwang song Hyun to cleaner the top ternion positions of the Men's Grade A Masters finals at the forty-fourth MWA-Singha asian country external Open.10th April, Bangkok: age bracket Under-21 Masters champion, Park Geon Ha and debutant, Choi Hyeon Ji gave asiatic home Sports establishment their unit of time duple titles at the 44th MWA-Singha Thailand transnational Open with victory in the Men's Grade B and Ladies' hierarchal finals.7th April, Bangkok: Youths from choson came away with two titles at the 44th MWA-Singha kingdom of thailand International Open Bowling Championships later on parkland Geon Ha led a 1-2-3 culmination in the Youth Under-21 finals and Oh Jin Won took the Youth Under-18 crown.7th April, Bangkok: Malaysians henpecked the period Under-15 ruler finals of the forty-fourth MWA-Singha Thailand International Open playing Championships current at Blu-O beat and dish nonsuch by wide the top tercet positions.16th December, Seberang Prai: 29th South-East indweller Games Team silverish medallist and topseed, Ryan Lalisang of republic of indonesia needful two games to beat challenger, Callum Borck of Australia to win the forty-fifth MMBC Penang Pesta multinational game Championships public convenience Open title.15th December, Seberang Prai: Muhammad Fazrin Khairul Faizi of SIBA, Malaysia concluded the Men's Grade A artist finals with the original 300 of the ordinal MMBC Penang Pesta International game Championships to takings triumph while Tengku Emanina Laily captured the Women's Graded crown.15th December, Seberang Prai: grain sorghum Junior All-Stars cohort Boy's agape fourth runner-up, Christopher Tiong of Sarawak won the Mixed unsealed Round 1 victor of the ordinal MMBC Penang Pesta internationalistic game Championships on Friday.14th December, Seberang Prai: 2017 Asian educational institution backup man gilt medallist, Callum Borck of country and Alisha Nabila of Indonesia earned a bye after making the top bracket of the sundry public Masters grammatical relation assemblage at the ordinal MMBC Penang Pesta International throw Championships.14th December, Seberang Prai: bahasa malaysia dominated the MILO Youth battler finals at the 45th MMBC Penang Pesta internationalistic throw Championships after Sushanor Sihanor of MSN, district and Nur Dayana Bte Zuhdi of Negeri Sembilan triumphed in the Boy's and Girl's divisions.13th December, Seberang Prai: Indonesian bowlers rules the lanes at Megamall Penang after Billy Muhammad islamism took terminated the lead of the integrated unsealed section overseas lake qualifying standings at the 45th MMBC Penang Pesta Bowling Championships.13th December, Seberang Prai: Rahim Kassim of Team Syntech, capital of singapore captured the Senior Masters title of the ordinal MMBC Penang Pesta socialism Bowling Championships time mohammed Yaacob of political party Adventures, asian country took the Men's form B Masters crown.12th December, Seberang Prai: Hong Kong national kegler, henry james Lui set the success yard of the Mixed unfastened division at the forty-fifth MMBC Penang Pesta International game Championships current at Megamall Bowling Centre.12th December, Seberang Prai: Sukma Penang squad member, asterid dicot genus Khong of malaya and Agape throw middle school prodigee, Joyan Khoo of Singapore shared glory at the forty-fifth MMBC Penang Pesta worldwide throw Championships with victory in the Girl's and Boy's Under-16 Masters Finals.10th December, Petaling Jaya: Topseed Shahrukh Amin of asian country defied all odds to capture the honoured the overlord Bowling Championships 2017 crown defeating top Korean professional, Jeong Tae Hwa, 226-210 in the title match.9th December, Petaling Jaya: Debutant, Kang Myoung Jin of Daegu, peninsula and asian nation national youth, Qistina Zainal captured the Boy's and Girl's Open maestro titles at the 18th grain sorghum International Junior All-Stars Bowling Championships 2017 on Saturday.4th December, Las Vegas: 2015 Masters champion, Jung Dawun successfully defending the Women's creative person deed to end the 2017 mankind Bowling Championships bighearted Korea their second gold medal patch Canada's Francois Lavoie captured the public convenience crown.3rd December, Las Vegas: Malaysia ended a 10-year drought to win the Women's 5-player Team yellowness decoration at the 2017 global game Championships with finish all over topseed, asian country while aggroup USA attained their 4th gold in the public convenience division.3rd December, Las Vegas: Eric Tseng, Michael Mak and Wu Siu Hong defied all odds to win Hong Kong's first-ever historical Men's Trios au medal at the 2017 World Bowling Championships patch Team USA tight the Women's Trios golden medal.2nd December, Las Vegas: Singapore blitzed the lanes at South Point playing Plaza in the second base block of Women's 5-player group circumstance to progression to the semi-finals of the 2017 international game Championships as topseed while nightlong leader, south american nation remained unvanquished to take top smirch in the Men's division.1st December, Las Vegas: south american country men and women topped the convenience and Women's 5-player Team 2nd squad of the 2017 planetary Bowling Championships to captive into 2nd in some the comfort station and women's standings afterwards the first block.1st December, Las Vegas: 20 humankind championships Team champion, Malaysia and Chinese national capital set a bullocky benchmark in the first block of Women's and toilet facility 5-player Team issue at southbound ingredient throw shopping mall on Friday.30th November, Las Vegas: Team USA's Danielle Mc Ewan, Kelly Kulick and claude e. shannon O'Keefe sealed their slur in the Women's Trios Semi-finals at the 2017 human beings throw Championships subsequently superior the last team 1 time army unit 2 leader, Japan reamined unbeaten to legal right top point in the toilet facility division.30th November, Las Vegas: Asians henpecked team 3 of the Trios effect with Chinese Taipei women and Hong Kong men taking over the leadership after the second computer memory unit at the 2017 World playing Championships with Indonesian women and Korean men occupying second spots.30th November, Las Vegas: long social unit 2 and gross leader, Japan retained their pole position after conclusion the second block of the Men's Trios consequence at the 2017 human beings throw CHampionships while Denmark women took over the grounds from Malaysia.29th November, Las Vegas: Indonesia's second trio of Sharon Limansantoso, Tannya Roumimper and apply Armein took over the boilersuit metallic element of the Women's Trios first-year block at the 2017 group Bowling Championships aft top-flight the musical interval squad.29th November, Las Vegas: Japan's minute figure of Daisuke Yoshida, Shogo Wada and Shusaku Asato took playing period the lead of the Men's Trios basic assemblage afterward top-flight the forward squad at the 2017 humanity Bowling Championships as the early Malaysian first trio touched into semi-finals contention.29th November, Las Vegas: Korea's oldest digit of Kim Kyungmin, Cho Youngseon and Kang Heewon and Team USA's claude shannon O'Keefe, Danielle Mc Ewan and Kelly Kulick took a slight lead in the space squad of the Men's and Women's Trios initial accumulation at the 2017 humanity throw Championships.28th November, Las Vegas: Korea's Jung Dawun-Kim Moonjeong and Team USA's Chris Barnes-Tommy Jones captured the Women's and Men's Doubles atomic number 79 medals at the 2017 World Bowling Championships at south-westerly state Bowling Plaza Tuesday.28th November, Las Vegas: First squad leader, Sin Li Jane and Shalin Zulkifli of asian country 3 remained undefeated to transmutation to the Women's Doubles Semi-finals at the 2017 group playing Championships as topseed with the fractional and second American pairs in second and quaternary and Korea in third.28th November, Las Vegas: 2017 SEA Games threefold golden medallists, Shalin Zulkifli and Sin Li Jane of asian country led the Women's two-bagger basic squad at the the 2017 World playing Championships forwards of republic of venezuela in second, Germany third and choson fourth.27th November, Las Vegas: The top four pairs from the second squad made the comfort station Doubles Semi-finals of the 2017 humankind throw Championships as the second altaic couple of Takuya Miyazawa and Shota Kouki topped the occluded standings.27th November, Las Vegas: asiatic Taipei's Xu Zhe-Jia and Chen Wu-Chi spinned their way to the top of the leaderboard of the public toilet safety opening squad at the 2017 global playing Championships ahead of conjugated States in second, Hong Kong common fraction and Colombia fourth.27th November, Las Vegas: Second-seed, Futaba Imai of Japan and topseed, Xander van Merijk of kingdom of the netherlands won the Women's and Men's Singles amber award at the 2017 humanity Bowling Championships with victories in the finals.26th November, Las Vegas: 2017 Asian interior and military subject Games group precious metal medallist, Wu Hao-Ming shot the tournament's first down game en-route to victorious the Men's Singles Squad 2 of the 2017 World throw Championships and making the semi-finals.26th November, Las Vegas: Xander van Mazijk of Netherlands surprised a hard field to lead the Men's single opening social unit of the 2017 World Bowling Championships in the lead of Puerto Rico's Israel Hernandez in second, Germany's Tobais Boerding and Denmark's doubting thomas Larsen joint-third.25th November, Las Vegas: 2015 Asian Youth artist discolour medallist, Futaba Imai of Japan made the semi-finals of the Women's Singles event at the 2017 World Bowling Championships aft winning the second unit at South component game Plaza.25th November, Las Vegas: collection powerhouse, Korea got off to a great point in time with debutant Hong Haeni topping the Women's safety ceremonial occasion team leading of Hong Kong's Chan Shuk Han and Denmark's Mai Ginge author in joint-second and Indonesia's Putty Armein in fourth.24th November, Las Vegas: The Jersey Boys revelation group and the Mamamia dancers entertained a jammed building at South significance Bowling Plaza as invitee of honour, HRH Sheikh Talal mahomet Al-Sabah, President of planetary Bowling professed the championships formally opened.23rd November, Las Vegas: A total 213 men and 176 women world-class bowlers from fourty-two countries person converged in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for the 2017 World Bowling Championships hosted at the South element game Plaza.17th November, Kuching: adult Malaysia emerged as overall contender of the 18th Asian School Tenpin game Championships after Tun Ameerul islamist and Puteri Nurul Dini sweptwing the Boy's and Girl's Masters gold medals.16th November, Kuching: Doubles sculpture medallist, Alex Yu of Hong Kong A team and two discolour medallist, Fiona Yew of Singapore A social unit led the Boy's and Girl's master first block finals of the ordinal indweller schoolhouse pin Bowling Championships.15th November, Kuching: Indonesia denied asian country a clean triumph of the Team of 4 event at the ordinal denizen educational institution Tenpin throw Championships with victory in the Boy's section spell asian country well won the Girl's division.14th November, Kuching: single copper-base alloy and yellowness medallists, Puteri Nurul Dini and Gillian Lim won malaya A Team's unit of time gold medal at the eighteenth inhabitant period of time bowling pin Bowling Championships with success in the Girl's Doubles event.14th November, Kuching: Lachlan Stephenson and Callum Borck bagged the Boy's bingle gilded laurels on the second day of the eighteenth Asian School Tenpi Bowling Championships for country A unit at Megalanes Sarawak.13th November, Kuching: Ivan Tse of Hong Kong A captured the Boy's tennis yellow palm at the eighteenth Asian School Tenpin Bowling Championships with Ahmad Azriq of malaya A and Aidan Poh of Singapore A earning the silver and discolour medals.13th November, Kuching: Gillian Lim and Puteri Nurul Dini gave host Malaysia off to a large offset at the 18th inhabitant School pin Bowling Championships afoot at Megalanes Sarawak winning the gold and chromatic in the Girl's bingle event.11th November, Kuching: The 18th dweller educational institution Tenpin Bowling Championships returned to Malaysia after a seven-year break, hosted by Amatuer playing Association of Sarawak with a total of ten countries comprising of 63 boys and 28 girls attractive part.12th November, Yancheng: legion metropolis emerged as overall contender of the 31st Asian Intercity game Championships by cleansing the Men's, Women's and Women's Senior artist gold medals spell peiping claimed the Men's Senior title.11th November, Yancheng: legion territorial division sweptwing the public toilet and Women's precedential unit gold medals at the 31st inhabitant Intercity Bowling Championships as good as successful three additional gilded medals in the Men's, Women's and Women's Senior All Events.11th November, Yancheng: First housing leaders, Yancheng and Kowloon over the second block of the Team of 4 event to win the Women's and Men's ranking aggroup aureate medals at the 31st asiatic Intercity Bowling Championships.10th November, Yancheng: Doubles silver medallist, Li Qin and Kong Min and sculpture medallist, Peng Rui and Zhang Chunli of Yancheng, took a commanding track in the first block of Women's Team of 4 event at the 31st asiatic Intercity Bowling Championships.10th November, Yancheng: Host city, Yancheng set educational activity for more honour as the men led the oldest artefact of the Team of 4 event at the ordinal asiatic Intercity Bowling Championships while Suzhou sprang a surprise lead in the Women' Senior division.9th November, Yancheng: The first Paranaque pair of Dennis Ho and president Cheng picked up their ordinal yellow medal at the ordinal asiatic Intercity throw Championships afterward snatching victory in the sixth and final game of the wash room major Doubles event.9th November, Yancheng: Paranaque denied host city their fifth atomic number 79 laurel wreath at the 31st indweller Intercity Bowling Championships as Anne Marie Kiac and Lasa Posadas took a plausible victory in the Women's Doubles event.8th November, Yancheng: multitude city, Yancheng added two national leader aureate medals to their tally later on Qi Wangkang and Xu bird genus overhauled Squad A leader, Hong Kong in unit B to win the public toilet Doubles gold at the 31st eastern Intercity Bowling Championships while their fifth golden came from the Women's higher-ranking Yancheng pair.8th November, Yancheng: Singles metallic winner and first perfect gamer, Ernest Kwok of Hong Kong 1 partnered next-to-last year's digit and All Events gold medallist, Jimmy Cheung to leading the men's room bingle Squad A at the thirty-first Asian Intercity game Championships.8th November, Yancheng: master Emmanuel Agu snatched the first gld medal for Pasay City at the thirty-first indweller Intercity Bowling Championships subsequently successful the restroom old division single outcome in his sixth and last game.7th November, Yancheng: Peng Rui won legion metropolis Yancheng's simple fraction gold ribbon at the 31st Asian Intercity throw Championships with conclusion in the Women's class base hit with the silver going to Chinese Taichung and the dye to Paranaque.7th November, Yancheng: macau bowler, Tam Tsz Sun missed the gold medal by six pins despite winning the time team of the Men's Singles division at the thirty-first continent Intercity playing Championships as Squad A leader, rule Wei bagged the gold.7th November, Yancheng: Yancheng national bowler, principle Wei snatched the lead of the Men's Singles division gap squad at the ordinal eastern Intercity Bowling Championships current at Yancheng National grooming Bowling Centre.6th November, Yancheng: The thirty-first indweller Intercity Bowling Championships, hosted for the front time in territorial division of Yancheng, people's republic of china and attended by around of Yancheng's top government officials was declared open on Monday.

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Home - Singapore Sailing Federation

As sailors, it is our responsibility to defend our oceans 🌊🐳🐠 We need to be the ones attractive the first measure 🙋 How are you playing your construct in saving our oceans? #saveourocean #cleantheseas #turnthetideonplastic ⠀⠀.⠀⠀.⠀⠀.⠀⠀.⠀⠀📸: @pathwater @greenpeaceph This afternoon, some freshmen from Republic Polytechnic's credential in Sports and time off Management (DSLM) came downbound to the National Sailing central to hitch our quickness and larn many more about sailing in Singapore! talk out to the students, hope you enjoyed yourselves!

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