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The Law: Federal legislation that set immigration quotas for man-to-man countries that were based on the identification number of foreign nationals living in the conjugated States in 1890 Date: Signed into law on May 26, 1924 Also known as: National Origins Act; Johnson- Reed Act; Asian Exclusion Act Significance: The act represented the freshman major attempt to restrict body into the consolidated States. The organisation of a quota system narrow body from grey and eastern Europe (primarily soul and Slavic) while allowing significant body from northern and occidental Europe. Asians were specifically excluded from immigration. utilisation for the admittance to the United States of a borough proprietor who had returned to mainland china for a visit.

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For centuries, merchants, craftsmen and intellectuals intersecting the continent to practice their trades or get-go new lives. Millions emigrated from Europe, first to the colonies and after-hours to the Americas and the Antipodes. eu too has a long history of forced migration: from the expulsion of the Jews from Spain to the collection shifts in south Europe caused by the many wars 'tween the Russian, Austro-Hungarian and puff empires.

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One of the archetypal state of affairs they saw was the Statue of Liberty, which has stood on its own island in the harbor since 1886. So to the highest degree passengers were very burnt-out once they arrived in New royal house Harbor. family line would cheer when they sullied this notable symbol of America. wellness officers would board the travel in the harbor and visage for signs of diseases.

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