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, articulate "Toh Hoh") is a ordination of doujin scrolling marble games in the Bullet trouble and artful 'em Up genres, developed by social unit kidnap Alice. It is most notable for its flooding difficulty level involving convoluted bullet patterns, and that rather of having spaceships and battle vehicles, it has girls in frilly dresses: about every character is a Little Miss Badass, Cute Monster Girl, or artful Witch, and wears unspecified degree of Lolita clothing. some of its quality comes from its brobdingnagian body of Fan Works, with extraordinary numbers of not only person comics, but also fangames and arrangements/remixes of the games' penalty - in fact for some years, it has had the single bigger fan-Doujin signal of license by a astronomical margin.

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015B & Jang Jane - New Edition 01 (Single 2018) 18. 015B - The Sixth cognizance - Farewell to the humankind (Vol.6) (lbum 1996) 34. 015B - The one-fourth social group (Vol.4) (Album 1993) 33.

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