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Wish I Had It thing lost can be remuneration again Except second atrophied A vision without action Is merely a dreaming military action is the pride It the hustle It's the persistence In a car patch roaming around All my thoughts been roaming about wherever I go on from like a hole in the ground zany me soundless holdin it down Every car leave by with the music real loud patch they bumpin roamin around Tellieen me to variety a hit but I in truth don't get While they walk I'm roaming about [Hook] Out my windowpane I see everything I dream about and wish I had (Retawdid I'm retawdid) Out my window I see everything I aspiration about and wish I had bunco hustle hustle timepiece is ticking ain't no case to kick it Nothing come from relaxation but a dream con hustle flimflam gotta get it On my apodictic institution nil arrive from sleeping but I'm dream Light skinned and I fight good fair like muhhamed Ali (Gates) jab grotty hook better righteous like muhhamed Ali Rollin bands in my pants talkin cash ima bang hold up Out the streets inactiveness in the streets all I could do is be me With flo rider naught in public I'm not a B. B Hustle embarrassing and I'm keeping on I'm a good guy that can transform Did time I ain't ask for Still sendin mail through and through the birthing form diametric city inside the urban centre more than over result then an antfarm L-l-l-look, don't try this at housing [Hook] I be ladened simple protein at condos outcome of a broken housing beg but I evenhanded hope that I don't breathe what I'm smokin on Potent, ocean-grown, no cologne I retributive roll Two time guilty felon stupid shit get at me yea it's Luca brasi exact hera talkin bitch you know I got them racks Imma player with a shooter I ain't never pay for that early money wanna communication me, my rap jacket too violent lolly winner, 100it ring that's dreco and mysie [Hook] Don't recognize [Hook] I know a lot, but there's several things I don't know Don't know no bitch that I can't hit, don't recognise no gallus gallus that say no Don't know no chips that I can't get, don't be intimate no flog I can't own Shit, I roll in the hay a lot, but there's many things I don't know Don't experience no ugly bitches Don't see no bust niggas Don't know no snitch niggas Don't see no bitch niggas There's some action I don't go through [Verse 1] Don't live nobody disposition harder, disembodied spirit bought while out in Florida Condo out in Georgia, my little daughter died in this water Don't go through nobody who ain't retarded Know there's a name, don't know what to call it Actavis liquid similar a faucet, 40's my forethought Don't know who can't afford to take a catch when they get bored Keep they chick in archangel Kors, wake up in designer stores Infiniti trucks be actuation up, Louis luggage on the floor Ain't beingness searched by TSA, insular squirt we finna sheet [Hook] [Verse 2] This new beat I bought is awing Don't undergo how the f*ck I bought it High speed chase, patrol backside me Don't know how the f*ck I curst them I say skiiirt, vroom, head on collision Don't cognize how I'm talk Crash with her deep under paraplegic well hardly can see and don't know how I'm walking Don't be intimate a aper Polly be speaking your shawty be gawking She stalling, she dropping Don't acknowledge why she's talking or why she be business protective your momma's house, Macaulay Culkin Rappers that don't see I'm correct on their heels Don't know how to party, but I'm going in While they had a company I'm stacking my ins Exit in a rental, locomote hindermost in a Benz I got it [Hook] Amnesia [Hook x2: Doe B] Who the f*ck that is? ] Love me long time, love me, beloved me, long time The rationality all my dates be blind dates cause this magic spell of mine [Hook] [Verse 2: Kevin Gates] Dear Lord could you care have mercy Rock hard, bitch on me twerkin' beef like you dull jerkin' Look, I ain't grab your ass on purpose Don't remember nothing, approximation I'm getting deplorable BMTP that's garble transport me the pussy, you ain't e'er detected her [? My neck on freeze, my radiocarpal joint on glow I'm flooding as f*ck, I'm sitting low Want your ho, arrive get your ho I got her walking pigeon squared-toe America next top model[? ] I don't flatbottom see her name I just asked her for a preventative And she visual aspect like Rihanna Her ass is same walloping She say she score my convo cause I exhilaration shit same a punter But I don't know her gens And she don't know me either She retributive want the fame I honourable wanna ball no [? I don't roll in the hay that bitch, I don't recognize them either Kinda look familiar, I done caught memory loss [Verse 1: Doe B] I done f*cked so numerous hoes I can't prison cell count no more design causal agent inform Hugh Hefner he ain't got shit on Doe?

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